Recommendations and Guidelines for the Use of This Site Encrypted Communications

Depending on the browser that you use, whenever you are executing a transaction, you should see either a closed lock icon or a complete key in either the top or bottom of the window. Before entering your information, make sure that you see this symbol, in order to ensure that your information is being securely encrypted. In order to see the digital certificate that is issued to the site, simply double-click on the key or lock symbol.


Do not share your Username or password with anybody else. This information is private, and is the only way that your account can be accessed, and that transactions can be made. Whenever you log into your account, and wherever you happen to be, it is your responsibility to ensure that nobody can see what you type in order to access the system. Nobody employed by Series Coin is authorized to request, or to know you password, and if a member of the support staff requests it, do not provide it, and report that staff member to us immediately.


Make that your password is one that cannot be deciphered or figured out by others, yet is easy for you to remember. Do not keep it written down in a place that others might see it, and use a random mix of capital and small letters, numbers and characters. It is also a very good idea to change your password on a regular basis.


When you are finished using Series Coin, log out of the system completely. Do not leave the system running while you are on other sites, and do not leave your computer unattended while your account is open.