Withdrawal instruction can be received only from the client through his/her trading account (for security purposes).

Please note that we only accept withdrawal requests of at least $50.00 per transaction.

The Company will ensure that the withdrawal request by the client includes all the necessary information and the following checks must be performed:

  1. Confirm the method of payment. Withdrawal can be proceeding with the following payment methods:
  • Bank wire transfers
  1. The clients are eligible to withdrawal according to company policy.
  2. Confirmation of withdrawal.
  3. Withdraw the funds from the client’s account.

Upon the Company receiving an instruction from the Client to withdraw funds from the Client Account, the Company shall provide notification of approval or cancellation of the withdrawal request within 5 (five) Business Days. In case of approval it can take 3-5 banking days until funds will be credited to the client's account (credit card or bank account), depending on account type and if the following requirements are met (Notwithstanding the provisions of this article the actual receipt of funds depends on the client’s payment method):

  1. The instruction is to make a bank transfer of funds to the account of the Client;
  2. At the moment of payment, the Client’s Account Balance exceeds the amount specified in the withdrawal instruction taking into consideration any deductions which may result from early withdrawal following receipt of a trading bonus, including all payment charges;

In case the client requests his fund to be withdrawn from his trading account the client should finish his verification procedure (due to KYC Policy).  If the verification procedure is not completed all withdrawal request can be canceled by the Company.

On the moment client submitted withdrawal funds from his trading account all trading activity should be stopped immediately. The Client should keep a stable balance until the withdrawal procedure is over.

The Company will affect withdrawals of client funds, upon an application for withdrawal made via the Company Online Trading System.

The client accepts that withdrawal of any part of the funds shall be concluded using the same transfer method and the same remitter as the one which the Company originally received the Funds from. Under such circumstances, the Company shall return the part of the funds requested less any transfer fees or other charges incurred by the Company.

The Company reserves the right to decline a withdrawal request of the client asking for a specific transfer method and the Company has the right to suggest an alternative.

Withdrawals will only be effected towards the client. The Company will not effect withdrawals to any other third party or anonymous account.

The Company reserves the right to request additional information and/ or documentation to satisfy itself that the request is legitimate. In addition, the Company reserves the right to reject such a request if it deems that this may not be legitimate. The client accepts that under such circumstances there may be a delay in processing the request.